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Battle Boots front_edited
Battle Boots top front
Battle Boots left
Battle Boots Side
Battle Boots rear
WW1 Bronze Boots. cast
WW1 Bronze Boots. cast.1

WW1 Boots in the ground.

Bronze Artwork.

See contact details for more information.

The Somme Survivor and Boots on the Ground WW1 in Bronze sculptures are created by artist Adrian Ward. Adrian is an artist with over 20 years’ experience in creating art.


The Boots on the Ground WW1 puts the viewer live on the spot and in the battlefield of WW1.


Whether on the French battlefield of Somme or the trenches in Gallipoli, life for the soldier on the ground in WW1 was a combination of war and everyday living, all of which are brought to life in this artwork.

In the sculpture, Boots on the Ground every detail from bullet casings, to broken biscuits, broken wood form ammunitions boxes, tin cans and more are there trapped in time.


The viewers mind is transported to a time and a place in this artwork created by the artist, yet it has a deeper meaning as well. The right boot stands and left has fallen, half buried. Victory came at a cost, Lest We Forget.


The sculpture is 100% Australian made in bronze and true to scale. In Australian quality bronze this sculpture will last the test of time, which is only fitting to preserve their memory.


All artworks ordered are certified by The Army Brand Manager for public use of the pattern 3 Rising Sun Badge.

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Somme Survivors

WW1 Mural by artist Adrian Ward.


The Somme Survivors is ready for bronze casting which reduces substantial commission time and cost.


Both sculptures, Boots on the Ground and Somme Survivors, have a connecting story. The boot print in the trench mud appearing on the left hand corner of the mural, belonging to the heroic life size figure in the center of the scene.


See contact detail information below.


For all enquire contact the artist.

Adrian Ward

M: 0429891707

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