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Recently, commissioned by Wollongong University to celebrate the 25 years working with their Dubi campus.  See More Text  Follow Australian artist Adrian Ward in his studio, as he fails and succeeds in creating and casting a 6.664kg silver bullion sculpture.

Part 1.

Adrian talks about getting started on the TRANSITION book sculpture. He discusses how he finds his materials and starts creating a motherboard mould for cast wax, which is part of the technological book cover.

Part 2.

Adrian gives tips on casting wax, mould making, and shares his insights as an Artist in Schools. Adrian explains the impact of technology on children, he has observed, in particular on their creativity and life skills.

Part 3.

Adrian completes the wax technological book cover fabrication and makes a mould of the book sculpture. Also, Adrian discusses the history of the Lost Wax Process.

Part 4.

Adrian makes the mould of the sculptural book with the completed computer hardware cover and cast the book sculpture in monster clay. Adrian also discusses the glitching phenomena as he sees it.

Part 5.

Adrian completes the wax ready for the foundry and starts working on the mould for the cement computer screen base. Adrian also discusses, letting go of the physical glitching as the deadline moves ever closer.

Part 6.

Adrian heads to the foundry. After problems with poring the sculpture, Adrian regroups his plan of attack.

Part 7.

In the final episode, Adrian completes the Transition artwork by polishing the silver and molding a black cement section to the sculptural book.

Financial Articles by Adrian Ward.

The War on Gold: From Songhai to Investing in Gold in 2020

Posted by Adrian Ward | Oct 8, 2020 | BlogInvestingMarket |     

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