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"A price of everything, and the value of nothing. The menu over the dinner, the money over the wealth"

These words resonate with a truth in a world often consumed by the pursuit of fleeting riches.

Yet, what if we could cast aside the illusions of wealth and for a moment, set aside the constraints of monetary perception?

Within the enigmatic realm of artist Adrian Ward, discarded objects, once labeled as having zero value, undergo a profound metamorphosis. They are transfigured into gold and silver bullion, inviting us to transcend our conventional notions of value.

In this transformation, these seemingly insignificant commodities cease to be mere objects and emerge as reflective symbols, offering us a glimpse into the intricate hierarchy of our lives and value systems.

Adrian Ward's vision embraces the notion of "silver and gold bullion sculpture," a bridge between the world of art and the domain of commodities. Paradoxically, this connection disconnects his art from the transient world of objects destined for the ever-expanding landfill.

 It is here that we contemplate a value that extends beyond the tangible, embracing the personal and the profound. In a world where the quest for wealth often obscures the search for true worth, we invite you to explore the profound beauty that lies within the overlooked, the discarded, and the seemingly insignificant. A realm where value is discovered beyond the monetary, and the art of transformation unfolds.

Dollar low res.jpg

the value of nothing #6.
Silver Dollar
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 3.2kg
13.5 x 34 x 1 cm
$10,975 SOLD

the value of nothing #12.
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 15kg
24 x 16 x 1 cm

Silver Jordan.jpg

the value of nothing #6.
Silver Jordan
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 24kg


the value of nothing #7. 
Bullion Banana gun
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 3.6kg, 24k Gold Plating.
16 x 20 x 3.5

the value of nothing #2.
My World is Your Oyster
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) .4kg, 35gm Gold 110mm x 50mm


the value of nothing#1.
pound of flesh.
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 0.495kg
20 x 43 x 31 cm

the value of nothing #16.
Ched Dead
Ched Box and Cellophane, Cement, Silver Bullion Biscuit Gold Plated, Silverpoint Drawing.

the value of nothing#5.
Discarded Coffee Cup
Bullion Gold 65gm and Silver (Fine Silver Fine Gold) .7kg
10 x 26 x 13


the value of nothing#14.
Economic hitman.
Fabric, White Cement and Paper.

the value of nothing#7.

dollar Jacket

Fine Silver, Jacket, Cement, American Dollars.

140 x 53 x 14 cm



Economic Hitman.low.jpg
Money Jacket.jpg

the value of nothing#3.
Prawn on a Pawn
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) .3.5kg
100mm x 60mm x 20mm

"Because you can't feed prawns land-based protein, it has to come from the sea, and sea creatures.

The game of human commodities has turned the prawn into a pawn. This is the destiny of all living things on the earth at this time."

In this seemingly innocuous statement lies a profound ecological truth that resonates deeply with the current state of our planet.

The notion that prawns, unable to subsist on land-based protein, rely on the resources of the sea, serves as a poignant metaphor for our collective relationship with the environment.


The transformation of prawns into mere pawns in the human commodities game illustrates a broader dilemma – the rampant exploitation and degradation of our natural world for short-term gain. It's a stark reminder that our actions have far-reaching consequences, not just for prawns but for all living things on Earth. The destiny of our planet hinges on our ability to recognize the importance of stewardship, sustainability, and a harmonious coexistence with nature.


Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) .3kg
250mm x  30mm

the value of nothing #9.
eye can teach you nothing
Cement, Gold Leaf, Chair, Hoody Jacket.


the value of nothing #11.
Silver Bullion 6.664 kg & Cement.
,980 SOLD



the value of nothing #.15
Digitil Native No.3
Silver Bullion 9.5 kg.
See More

Thinker in a Glitch right_edited.jpg
Thinker in a Glitch left_edited.jpg

the value of nothing #4.
Egg and Spoon.
Bullion Silver .463 kg
6 x 8 x 4 cm

"The world is being transformed into fungible commodities within a human-centered value system. Fungibility, where one ounce of gold is equivalent to any other ounce of gold, or a grain of rice is the same as any other grain of rice, inevitably leads to mediocrity."

In an age where our world is increasingly molded into a landscape of fungible commodities driven by a human-centric value system, the concept of fungibility itself serves as a powerful reflection of our times.

When the uniqueness of one entity is exchanged for its exact equivalence with another, it is not just gold that becomes indistinguishable from gold or rice from rice; it is the very essence of distinction and individuality that withers away.

The pursuit of sameness, while seemingly efficient, ultimately breeds mediocrity. It is in the vibrant tapestry of diversity and the acknowledgment of the inherent worth of each entity that true excellence thrives.

To counter the pull towards mediocrity, we must embrace the richness of difference and celebrate the extraordinary that resides within every facet of our world. Only then can we truly transcend the confines of fungibility and usher in an era of unparalleled sustainable brilliance.


the value of nothing #11.

every 12 years Bank Bomb. commemorative Coin.

Bullion Silver 1.530 kg
10 x 10 x 3 cm

the value of nothing #12.
Marallinga Mushroom. Commemorative coin.
Bullion Silver 1.290 kg
10 x10 2 cm

the value of nothing #20.
Gary Ablett Snr
Bullion Silver 7.5 kg
23 x 34 cm

Sir Dougles Mawson.
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) .5 kg,
130mm x 60mm

Digital natives.
Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 10 kg, Gold 24K150gm
320mm x 220mm x 150mm

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