the value of nothing #6.

Silver Dollar

Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 3.2kg

13.5 x 34 x 1 cm

"Silver and gold bullion really are divine materials for a sculptor to work in once cast, but very difficult to cast at the same time." Says artist Adrian Ward.

Towards the end of the Roman empire the Roman government was silver plating copper coins, the perception of value was lost.  The artist began work on The Silver Dollar a week before the Global Financial Meltdown of July of 2007. 


the value of nothing #7. 

Bullion Banana gun

Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 3.6kg, 24k Gold Plating.

16 x 20 x 3.5


Centralized monetary power, food, and guns keeps productivity high and quality of life low.

“My works often talk about the last 30 years of fictionalization, with silver and gold bullion, a commodity the sculpture’s value fluctuates with the economy.”

the value of nothing#1.

pound of flesh.


Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 0.495kg


20 x 43 x 31 cm

the value of nothing#7.

dollar Jacket

Fine Silver, Jacket, Cement, American Dollars.

140 x 53 x 14 cm


The age of "Commodernity" the artist suggests, is where our growing human-centered value system of commodities transforms the physical world around us into a fungible reality.

"Our world is focused on the price of everything and value of nothing, the dollars over wealth, the menu over the dinner. These ideas, in general, exist outside of our conscious thoughts, yet drives most of our actions.


the value of nothing#5.

Discarded Coffee Cup

Bullion Gold and Silver (Fine Silver Fine Gold)

10 x 26 x 13

Adrian's endeavors to find the meaning of value outside our monetary perception, in the landscape of discarded objects representing zero value.


"Transfigured into gold and silver bullion, the discarded object for a moment allows us to escape our perceptions of value. Commodities are transformed from their function into a reflection, that can show our hierarchy of things."

The artist believes this “silver and gold bullion status” connects the art to commodities trading, which disconnects the sculpture from the world of all other objects  eventual discarded.

the value of nothing#14.

Economic hitman.

the value of nothing#3.

Prawn on a Pawn

"Because you cant feed prawns land-based protein, it has to come from the sea, sea creatures the game of human commodities has turned the prawn into a pawn. This is the destiny of all living things on the earth at this time.


the value of nothing #2.

My World is Your Oyster

Adrian's central theme of food, money and the products of everyday life represents the things we strive, thrive and survive in a world increasingly enveloped by economics.



the value of nothing# 13.

Cheds Dead.

Cement, Cheds Box, Cellophane, Bullion Silver, 24k Gold Plating.

6 x 35 x 13 cm

the value of nothing #9.

eye can teach you nothing

Cement, Gold Leaf, Chair, Hoody Jacket.


the value of nothing #11.


Silver Bullion 6.664 kg & Cement.

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the value of nothing #.15

Digitil Native No.3

Silver Bullion 9.5 kg.

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the value of nothing #4.

Egg and Spoon.

Bullion Silver .463 kg

6 x 8 x 4 cm

"The world is being transformed into fungible commodities, for a human-centered value system." 
Fungible, one ounce of gold is equivalent to any other ounce of gold, a grain of rice is the same as any other grain of rice. Frangibility begets mediocrity.

the value of nothing #11.

every 12 years Bank Bomb. commemorative Coin.

Bullion Silver 1.530 kg
10 x 10 x 3 cm

the value of nothing #12.

Marallinga Mushroom. Commemorative coin.

Bullion Silver 1.290 kg

10 x10 2 cm

Sir Dougles Mawson.


The artist is currently working on a commissioned for an Asian bank to cast an impressive ten tonnes of silver bullion to be turned into a sculpture. "Casting sculptures in silver bullion like this in Australia guaranties the artwork 99.999% purity. This also means conceptual the artwork maintains its tradable silver bullion status." says the artist.

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