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Worlds Largest Silver Casting.

Adrian Ward has been a professional sculptor for 30 years and he is passionate about developing his art and refining his skills.



Adrian's artistic journey led him into uncharted sculptural territory with his ambition to develop a new concept and material in contemporary sculpture. In silver and gold, the artist found a medium that spoke to the impact of financialization.

"In silver and gold, there is no separation from money and the material." says the artist. "The difficulty was, how to cast these bullion metals which had not been done. The technical divide between jewelry and bronze sculpture foundry was vast "I was determined until it paid off."

Through careful investigation of both jewelry and bronze foundry processes, he discovered a way to tame these precious materials. These raw and rare materials were once melded in an alchemy of extreme forces, within the heart of a burning sun. 

"Silver and gold have been a mutable material, in constant transformation over the ages. I feel the presents of idols and the dainties sculpted in this medium as I work, from the Aztecs to the Vatican. Silver and gold are not just money, they have embodied the currency of spiritual ambitions for thousands of years." says the artist.

Silver Jordan. Pure Bullion Silver 25 kg 


 Melbourne Bullion Artist Adrian Ward offers gold and silver investors the opportunity to value add to their physical precious metal investments by transforming their holdings into contemporary art.


Not only will the precious metals artworks appreciate over time as original masterpieces, but investors are also able to cherished, admired, and be admired for their exclusive object. 

This is in contrast to precious metals holdings locked away out of sight and mind,

remaining in the standard bullion bars.


"I work with local and international investors to create incredible bodies of work, from precious metals. Sometimes I work with investors to create objects of mean to them, other times I offer them an art proposal that keys into my ongoing body of work, with the chance of having that artwork exhibited around the world. " States the artist.



To contact the artist, see my details below to start creating your own diversified investment portfolio of contemporary art in precious metals.


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Delorean. Pure Gold 1.5 kg 

Watch the full documentary here:


Steganographic Silver Bullion.

(Hidden in Plan Sight)

Silver Book. 3.6 kg

Computer Mouse. 1.5 kg


Collectible Silver Bullion Cars.

Mad Max V8. 3.8 kg


Collectible Silver Bullion Cars.

Delorean. 3.5 kg

Delorean white background.jpg
Delorean white background.1_edited.jpg


The opportunity to collect Adrian Ward's art and invest in precious metals at the same time has been something reserved for

high-end investors, until now.

Adrian has released his contemporary art bullion, handcrafted, limited edition, 

bullion ArtBars series

Bar Name: Nattali Rize

Metal: Silver 99.9999


Bar Origin: Perth Mint


Artist / Manufacture: Adrian Ward


Bar No.: 0001


Limited Edition No.: 01


Bar Size: 10 oz


Price: $500

Nattali Rize Silver Bar
Nattali Rize Silver ArtBar
John Lenon.jpg
Marten lother.jpg

All bars are created by artist Adrian Ward.

All bars are certified by Mckeown Marrs Pty Ltd

Australian Financial Services Licence No. 403562

All silver or gold bars are of pure or bullion quality metal.

All bars, prior certification by the mint of origin.

For all sales or inquiries do not hesitate to contact Adrian directly on mobile. +61 429891707

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silver seed close
silver seed


Please click here to view Herald Sun news article:


Box Hill artist Adrian Ward creates the world’s largest pure silver bullion sculpture, the Banana Gun.


Local Box Hill artist and sculptor Adrian Ward is kicking goals in the art market in Asia. Australian-trained Adrian has a long history of pushing the limits in making art and ideas. Adrian’s specialty is the sculpting and casting of objects in precious metals of silver and gold. Relatively unknown in his home country, Adrian is in discussions with a major Asian bank to be commissioned to build a sculpture in pure silver bullion, for the bank’s anniversary celebrations. This sculpture would undoubtedly be the largest silver bullion sculptor in the world.


At up to ten-ton this sculptor would be worth $7,360,000 in silver value alone. As Adrian says, “Not only will this be an amazing art piece but will celebrate the bank's history, Asian prosperity, and optimism in the future”. Casting such a large piece will take Adrian and his team at least three months. As Adrian says “Casting such a large piece is unheard of, but we’re looking forward to the challenge”.


Adrian is active in the local Whitehorse community and has recently completed commissions for both Roberts McCubbin primary school and the local parliamentarian Anna Burke’s office. Adrian is also passionate about passing on his knowledge to the younger generation and is contracted to local schools in their major art projects. Adrian says, “Working with young students is a great opportunity to pass on the skills I have learnt over 20 years of making sculpture.”


Some of Adrian’s other bullion pieces include a silver and gold banana gun, a silver chop, and a 3D American one dollar note in silver bullion which can be viewed on his website Asked about some of his more unusual requests, Adrian said, “Casting Singer Pink and her daughter Willows hands was definitely a great experience. Pink and her daughter were very down to earth and thought the process of sticking their hands into a pink mould material was quite novel and fun. Pink was celebrating an amazing 500,000 tickets sold at the Rod Lava Arena with a bronze plaque.” The artist recalls. Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Adrian Ward, Artist

M: 0429 891 707