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Adrian Ward has been a professional sculptor for 30 years and he is passionate about developing his art and refining his skills.



The Artistry of Innovation: Adrian's Journey, connecting finance with the sun's furnaces.

 Adrian's artistic journey is a testament to the incredible power of ambition, innovation,

and the relentless pursuit of something truly extraordinary.

Adrian embarked on an artistic odyssey that led him into uncharted sculptural territory. His mission? To pioneer a new concept and material in contemporary sculpture that would captivate the essence of financialization. The medium he chose for this ambitious endeavor was silver and gold, materials deeply intertwined with the world of wealth and commerce.

"In silver and gold, there is no separation from money and the material," Adrian aptly observes. He recognized the inherent connection between these precious metals and the financial world, and his desire was to encapsulate this connection in his art. However, it was not an easy path. Casting bullion metals in a way that had never been done before presented a daunting technical challenge. The chasm between the worlds of jewelry and sculpture foundry was vast, but Adrian's determination was unwavering. He pressed on relentlessly until his vision became a reality.

Adrian's success didn't happen overnight; it was the result of a meticulous investigation into the processes of both jewelry and bronze foundry. He sought to understand these crafts at their core, enabling him to tame these precious materials with newfound mastery. Silver and gold, once elements fused in an alchemical crucible of extreme forces within the heart of a burning sun,

became his chosen artistic medium.

"Silver and gold have been a mutable material, in constant transformation over the ages," Adrian muses. He perceives the echoes of idols and the opulent sculptures created in these precious materials throughout history, from the grandeur of the Aztecs to the sanctuaries of the Vatican. For Adrian, silver and gold transcend their monetary value;

they become the currency of spiritual ambitions that have persisted for millennia.

Adrian's journey serves as a powerful reminder of the value of ambition and innovation. His ability to conquer the technical challenges and pioneer a new artistic medium is a testament to what can be achieved with unwavering determination and a bold vision. His work stands as a symbol of the potent connection between art and finance, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of these worlds.

Adrian's story resonates with corporate leaders who understand that pushing the boundaries of convention and embracing innovation is essential for growth and success. He is a living embodiment of the notion that in the pursuit of a vision, with dedication and creativity, even the most daunting challenges can be conquered.

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Adrian Ward casts the world's largest silver artwork

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Silver Jordan. Pure Bullion Silver 25 kg 

Investing in Contemporary Art: Transforming Precious Metals into a Timeless Object

Adrian Ward, the Melbourne Bullion Artist, presents a captivating opportunity for corporate interests and individual investors alike.
By reimagining gold and silver holdings as contemporary art, he elevates the concept of wealth preservation to a new level.
These unique artworks, crafted from precious metals, not only appreciate over time as original masterpieces but also offer a profound sense of ownership and exclusivity.

In contrast to the traditional practice of locking away precious metals in anonymous vaults, these creations come to life and are admired by all who encounter them. Adrian's collaborative spirit extends to both local and international investors, leading to the creation of extraordinary works of art. Whether you seek objects with personal significance or wish to participate in an art proposal aligning with his ongoing vision, the potential for global exhibition is a remarkable prospect.

To embark on this journey of investment that merges artistry and wealth preservation, feel free to reach out to Adrian Ward directly. It's an opportunity to not only diversify your investment portfolio but also to leave a lasting mark on the world of art. 

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Delorean. Pure Gold 1.5 kg 

gold car polish.jpg
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Portrait of an artist

Steganographic Art Bullion.

(Hidden in Plan Sight)

Silver Book. 3.6 kg


Computer Mouse. 1.5 kg


Collectible Silver Bullion Cars.

Mad Max V8. 3.8 kg

Delorean white background.jpg

Collectible Silver Bullion Cars.

Delorean. 3.5 kg

Delorean white background.1_edited.jpg
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