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The Sculpture in Schools

Connecting Students and Schools to Sculpture

Artist in School. Adrian Ward
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Robert Mc Cubbin. 6

The dynamic combination of student input and a professional artist

 creates art installations that can transform and develop a new sense of purpose and identity in your school.

Transforming Schools Through Art: The Adrian Ward Experience

Adrian Ward, a visionary artist, has embarked on a transformative journey, touching the hearts and minds of students in public and private schools across Melbourne. Through his remarkable art installations, he has not only elevated the profiles of these educational institutions but has also sown the seeds of pride, identity, and inspiration in the hearts of both students and school communities.

The Artistic Creation

In a process spanning one to two terms, students are invited to be active participants in the artistic creation. Adrian collaborates with them during dedicated art class times or specially allocated sessions, providing an invaluable opportunity for students to explore their creative potential. This hands-on experience involves every aspect of the mural's creation, from conceiving the initial idea to selecting materials and ultimately painting the final masterpiece.

The Artistic Construction

Adrian's commitment to his craft is exemplified in the construction process, where even the choice of materials holds significant meaning. In one striking example, Ferro cement, renowned for its unmatched durability, is employed. This material, when properly cured, rivals the strength of steel, and its endurance requires minimal maintenance over decades. In other cases, innovative techniques are used, such as encasing a secure armature with layers of chicken wire to create a resilient foundation for the cement, which is then meticulously rendered to bring the envisioned imagery to life.


The Fruits of Prosperity

The impact of Adrian Ward's art installations extends far beyond the aesthetic. By showcasing these remarkable creations, schools not only attract new enrollments but also foster a deep sense of pride and identity among their students. These artworks stand as testaments to the enduring value of art and serve as reminders of the potential for greatness that lies within every school's walls.

To school principals and administrators, consider the profound impact that artistic installations can have on your school community. Adrian Ward's work represents not only an investment in the aesthetic appeal of your institution but also a powerful tool for nurturing a sense of belonging, creativity, and pride. Embrace the transformative power of art in education, and see your school thrive in a new light. Contact Adrian Ward to explore how art can be the catalyst for lasting change in your school.

Art Installation Blackburne P.S.


Art Program: Artist Adrian Ward

Artist in Residence:

The Arts are Alive at Sacred Heart!

Principal – Mr Brian MartinSacred Heart Primary.

Sacred Heart has been fortunate to have Artist in Residence Adrian Ward. Adrian has worked in a number of schools and is also known for his work in sculpture in cement as well as in pure silver and gold.


He has recently been commissioned to work with pure silver and gold sculpture exploring the transition from classical sculpture into contemporary glitching. It is hoped this work will be on public display in the Victorian Mint.


Adrian has been engaged to co-create with the children an Old Time Looking Storyteller Chair. The chair will have a fabric finish, made from cement and be free standing to be placed in the school playground. The chair is being constructed in the Art Room and will be relocated and mounted later in the year.


The children also have had the opportunity to make their own clay moulding to cast their own cement piece that we anticipate having on display at the art show. Adrian has also given each class an artist talk sharing many stories from his artistic career.

The Artist in Residence Program helps celebrate the importance of The Arts in our lives and support of Arts Programs. Art is an integral part of learning and is so much more than a fun pursuit, it helps children learn to engage and persist as well as encouraging the use of critical thinking skills.
It helps children communicate their emotions and is a motivation to attend school. Research shows The Arts benefit student achievement and increases self-esteem and academic achievements.

The Old Time Looking Storyteller Chair will be a permanent reminder for the children of their experience working in cement. It will also give the children the opportunity to engage with story and narrative. I can see children or a storyteller leaning forward in the chair telling and retelling stories to a captivated audience. The storyteller’s chair will be a perfect addition to our school playground and another way for us to fuel the imagination of the children.

Transforming Education through Art:

Adrian Ward's Ode to Nature at Scotch College

In the realm of education, there are moments that redefine how we view the world around us. The artwork, painstakingly sculpted by the visionary artist Adrian Ward at Scotch College, is one such transformative creation. Skilled in the art of cement sculpture, Ward has gifted the school with a piece that not only withstands the rigors of the outdoors and the spirited curiosity of young students but also challenges our very perception of the world.

Preserving the Past, Shaping the Present

This remarkable installation holds a hidden narrative, capturing the very essence of Scotch College. Within its artful constructs are remnants of the original world, such as an armchair and an ottoman, paying homage to the familiar objects of daily life. The brilliance of Ward's work, however, is its seamless fusion of the ordinary with the extraordinary.

The "Outdoor Living Room" Experience

At first glance, "Outdoor Living Room" appears to be a typical indoor setting transplanted outdoors, inviting students to linger. The texture of the fabric, intricately created, evokes the warm embrace of a beloved armchair. A school bag is casually strewn on the ground, leaning against the armchair, as if a student had left it behind just moments ago, in their haste to return home.

Yet, closer inspection unveils the enchanting truth. The seemingly inviting armchair and the nonchalant school bag, each meticulously sculpted from cement and bearing a captivating red rust patina, reveal themselves as works of art that defy the ephemeral nature of outdoor life. Delve even deeper into the scene, and you'll find a fish, a cabbage, and, of course, a vibrant lemon, poised as if part of a culinary masterpiece in the making.

Reconnecting with Nature

But Ward's creation transcends the artistic realm. It speaks to a profound truth about the world our students inhabit today. Unlike any other time in human history, children now spend the majority of their lives indoors, leading to an ever-widening disconnect from the natural world. Yet, the outdoors, nature, is not just an essential part of our survival but also critical to our psychological well-being.

The "Outdoor Living Room" is Ward's homage to the profound connection between humans and nature. By re-contextualizing the indoor environment outside and celebrating the raw ingredients provided by nature that sustain us, he seeks to reconnect students with the living world that surrounds them.

A Symbiosis of Nature and Art

This juxtaposition of outdoor and indoor, permanence and impermanence, and nature and the man-made is a testament to Ward's artistry. It serves as an educational tool, heightening students' awareness and understanding of these vital relationships. As they go about their school day, the installation educates them about the real world, intertwining play and learning on the school grounds.

For school principals and administrators, this artwork stands as a call to embrace the transformative power of art in education. Adrian Ward's work is a powerful reminder of the lasting impact that art can have on students and the entire school community. By celebrating the natural world and reimagining the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces, you can foster a culture of creativity, curiosity, and a profound connection to the environment. To explore the potential for change through art in education, reach out to Adrian Ward and let your school embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation.

Outdoor Living Room Scotch Collage. 

Installation Artwork by Adrian Ward

Kilvington Grammar. Art Installation 

The four pillars of Kilvington Grammar; Community, Care, Academic Excellence, Character.

WW1 Robert Mc Cubin Primary School, Memorial Mural.

WW1 mural. full view.jpg
Robert Mc Cubbin. Complete8
Robert Mc Cubbin. Complete9
Robert Mc Cubbin. Complete 7
Robert Mc Cubbin. Complete 6
Robert Mc Cubbin. Complete 4
Robert Mc Cubbin.2
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Somme Survivors

WW1 Mural by artist Adrian Ward.

A Masterpiece in Time: Adrian Ward's WW1 Commemorative Mural


In the realm of art, some creations transcend mere aesthetics and offer viewers a profound glimpse into history. Such is the case with the remarkable mural crafted by sculptor Adrian Ward, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I. This captivating piece of art transports us to a pivotal moment on the Somme Battlefield in France, where soldiers returning from the front line treaded a well-trodden path along the trenches, torn between the hope of safety and the uncertainty of the unknown.

Adrian Ward's artistic journey took a unique turn as he embarked on this project. He delved into the past by using actual photographs from the trenches, a historical treasure trove generously provided by Brian Tatson from the Box Hill RSL memorial department. Among these images was a snapshot from a captured German trench, which became a cornerstone of the mural. Ward ingeniously recreated the heavy wooden tank bridge, strategically positioned atop a disabled tank from the era.

However, this mural isn't just about capturing a historical moment; it delves into the profound emotions and challenges faced by these soldiers. At the dawn of the machine age, when mechanical marvels had been around for a mere 16 years, soldiers gazed upon tanks with a mix of awe and apprehension. The industrial destruction they had volunteered to confront was a formidable force that would forever alter the course of warfare.

Ward's brush strokes are more than strokes of paint; they are a journey through time and a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Under the crushing pressure of battle, these soldiers had to rely on each other, both physically and psychologically. The artist's portrayal encapsulates this unbreakable bond and the resilience required to endure the trials of that era.

The mural unfolds with soldiers trudging through the trenches, their path leading to the possibility of safety, stretching into the distance at the heart of the artwork. Ward masterfully employs a scaled perspective, with figures starting as diminutive forms at 100mm in height and culminating with a life-sized central character, adding depth and perspective to the piece.

The central character, adorned in an authentic army jacket transformed into cement, symbolizes Ward's innovative exploration of materials. This is just one facet of an upcoming exhibition where the artist experiments with various elements, including gold and silver bullion casting, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

However, this mural isn't just a creation for the artist; it's a journey that invites others to partake. Grade 6 students from Robert McCubbin Primary School were actively engaged in the process, regularly visiting Ward's studio, located a mere 10 minutes' walk from their school. Their involvement went beyond observation; they added their touch to the mural by crafting a handmade frame of ceramic poppies tiles. The initial version of the mural, complete with the poppy tiles, now adorns the War Memorial Garden at Robert McCubbin Primary School.

Adrian Ward's mural has quickly garnered attention and acclaim, sparking discussions about the possibility of creating a bronze cast. The profound impact of this piece on viewers is undeniable, as it transports them to another era, immersing them in the camaraderie and challenges faced by soldiers returning home.

Ward's journey in creating this mural is a testament to the power of art to transcend time, to remind us of the sacrifices made, and to tell the stories that shape our shared history. Through his work, he reminds us that art is a bridge to the past, a beacon for the present, and a legacy for the future.

Battle Boots front
Battle Boots top front
Battle Boots left
Battle Boots Side
WW1 Bronze Boots. 22 4 16
WW1 Bronze Boots. cast
WW1 Bronze Boots. cast.1

Major Ted Sergeant’s Boots.

Part 2 Robert Mc Cubbin primary school's WW1 sculpture memorial garden.

Karoo Primary School. Black Tyre Snake. 2016

Black Snake. 3_edited
Black Snake. 5
Black Snake. 3
Black Snake. 4_edited
Black Snake. 6
Black Snake. 10_edited
photo 2

Upway South Primary School, Sky School Mural.

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