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Moulds, Prototypes & fabrication
Connecting Sculpture to Business

Adrian is a sculptor with over 20 years’ experience in art fabrication and commercial art projects. Adrian has a Fine Art Degree from Melbourne University and has continued to refining his skills to what they are today.


3D Projects
  • Designs
  • Unlimited Sculpting skill
  • Product Development
  • The experimental, explorative, evolutionary and revolutionary.
  • Casting experience in precious and nonprecious metals


Custom moulds
  • Experience with BARNES wide range of moulding rubbers 
  • Resin and other materials casting experience
  • Slip cast moulding


  • Ferro cement sculptures
  • Bronze Casting preparation
  • Sheet Metal
  • Fine Silver Cast Expert

Bronze Eagles Claws.

Solid bronze eagles claws clamps secure the front edge of these two Champagne shelf's.  This unique aesthetic fixture at Hightail bar and cafe, located on ground floor of 727 Collins Street, sets Hightail part as one of a kind.


IMG_7231.JPG claws.2_edited
IMG_7231.JPG claws.3_edited
IMG_7231.JPG claws_edited

Casting Singer Pink's and her Daughter's Hands.

In honour of Pink's record-breaking run at the Rod Laver, its operator Melbourne and Olympic Parks intends to unveil a Hollywood-style star at the top of the steps to the main entry doors, which will also be framed by Pink and daughter Willow’s hand prints cast in bronze created by Adrian Ward.


The Back to the Future Fine Silver Bullion Delorean Commision. Completed on the 21st October 2015, the date the Delorean travels into the future in the movie Back to the Future 2. For any enquires please use details on the contact Page.
Delorean. side
Delorean. back
Delorean. front2
Delorean. underside
Delorean. front

You & I Hand Project.


Fostering Respect and Equality: YOU&I's Inspiring Campaign

In today's rapidly changing world, instilling values of equality and respect in young minds is more critical than ever. The "YOU&I" campaign stands as a shining testament to this endeavor, championing the idea that equality and respect go hand in hand in building healthy relationships. Spearheaded by a coalition of dedicated partners including Inspiro, Yarra Ranges Council, and Eastern Health, with support from Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local, Women's Health East, Eastern Metropolitan Region Regional Family Violence Partnership, Bendigo Bank (Mooroolbark), and the Department of Justice, YOU&I has set out on a remarkable journey to create positive change in our communities.

One of the project's most creative and impactful facets was the collaboration with the renowned artist Adrian, who took up the mantle to craft a powerful symbol of unity and equality. Adrian's task was both ambitious and inspiring: to create 150 male and female hands, each a unique representation of individuality and diversity. These hands were then handed over to secondary students in the eastern metropolitan area who, through their artistic prowess, transformed them into beautiful pieces of art. This collective effort brought forth a visual representation of unity, where each hand represented a voice, a story, and a promise to uphold the values of respect and equality.

The "YOU&I" campaign transcends the realm of art and symbolism, aiming to foster an environment where respect and equality become the bedrock of all relationships. It's a collective journey toward a brighter future where every individual, irrespective of their gender, background, or beliefs, can thrive in a society that values their worth and contributions.

This inspiring project is a testament to what can be achieved when communities, organizations, and artists come together with a common goal: to empower the next generation with the principles that will guide them to create a more equitable and respectful world. YOU&I's mission aligns with the values of inclusivity, unity, and progress, making it a beacon of hope in an ever-evolving world.

To learn more about the YOU&I campaign and join this transformative movement, please visit YOU&I Respect. Together, we can build a future where equality and respect thrive, hand in hand, as the cornerstones of our society.


The Big Group Cloud Project.

Enlisted by executive chef Damien Colless of Big Group Catering, Adrian created the three cloud sculptures and their moulds.

The clouds and subsequent moulds were created for a wedding of a member of the Dubai royal family in Dubai. The clouds were then cast in marshmallow and white chocolate for the event.

photo 2.JPG

Architectural column Project.

Custom made Californian Bangalow Bungalow period architectural fixture, requested.

Fabric Mould.

Custom Made Sculpture Mould, Requested.
photo 1_edited
photo 2_edited
photo 3_edited
photo 4_edited

Cameras Adam Cusack
16 Hydrostone Cast Cameras for Artist Adam Cusack.

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