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Towards the end of the Roman empire the Roman government was silver plating copper coins, the perception of value was lost.  The artist began work on The Silver Dollar a week before the Global Financial Meltdown of July of 2007. 


the value of nothing #6.

Silver Dollar

Bullion Silver (Fine Silver) 3.2kg

13.5 x 34 x 1 cm

American Pure Bullion Silver Dollar

"Silver and gold bullion really are divine materials for a sculptor to work in once cast, but very difficult to cast at the same time." Says artist Adrian Ward.


The age of "Commodernity" the artist suggests, is where our growing human-centered value system of commodities transforms the physical world around us into a fungible reality.

"Our world is focused on the price of everything and value of nothing, the dollars over wealth, the menu over the dinner. These ideas, in general, exist outside of our conscious thoughts, yet drives most of our actions.


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