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Artist in Schools Program

Sculpture in Schools Click Here

The 3D Sculptural Murals or custom school sculptures created by Adrian Ward are created with a combination of student input with the professional artist hand.

Students drawings can be submitted for the projects and combined with the artist’s ideas.

WW1 mural. full view.jpg

Student Self Portrait Click Here

Artist in Schools Program

"In the classes I walk students through every aspect of their face details to be transformed into sculpture, while assisting student that maybe lagging behind." Adrian believes that no student should be left behind, at the same time, students need time to develop their artistic language.

The Fabric of memory Click Here

Artist in Schools Program

“As we move through our lives objects we used or loved are left behind, some of these objects are recycled some remain in our homes but all will remain under the ground in landfill, their stories lost.” Says Adrian.

The Fabric of Memory art class gives students the opportunity to tell the story about these objects, using art. Students are invited to bring into class an "object of meaning" from their past to be transformed into sculpture.

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